Classic Car Appraisals

Know the Facts About Your Classic Car

Meet with a certified classic car appraiser in Missouri City, TX and the greater Houston area

Owning a classic car can be a lot of fun, but it can also be stressful. Blue Ribbon Auto Appraisers seeks to help you out with the stressful side by handling all your appraisal needs. A classic car appraiser can assess your vehicle to determine its value. That way, you can have an easier time insuring or selling it when the time comes.

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Don't let your classic car's value remain a question

Our expertise means we can provide you with an accurate classic car value. We have plenty of experience evaluating classic cars of all ages, makes and models.

When we assess your vehicle, we'll look at the:

  • Exterior Body (condition of paint, rust, dings dents, leaks etc.)
  • Interior Condition (upholstery, headliner, dash pad, floors etc.)
  • Under Carriage (inspect for rot, rust, condition and options etc.)
  • Test Drive (how it runs, steers, brake, suspension etc.)
  • Engine Compartment (condition, check for leaks, transmission, options etc.)
  • Check Options (checking lights, blinkers, A/C, power options, radio etc.)
Your appraisal can be used for insurance, bank loans, estate values charitable donations and recovering lost titles.

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