Murray responded quickly to our inquiry and prepared a professional third party appraisal of our vehicle. His information supported our efforts to get a higher settlement amount from Progressive after our SUV was hit from behind and totaled. He was generous with his time, advice and coaching to get us through our disputed claim at an amount we felt was fair. Hope we don't have to do this gain; but, if we do Murray is the man!!

Annette B.

Murray with Blue Ribbon Auto Appraisers was great. He was on-time, (Even earlier when I saw I was going to be early), he was professional and I felt like he definitely did his homework on comps. He scanned in all my receipts, sent me the electronic copies and even mailed the hard copies back. Great customer service in an era where that is rare!!
Reasonable pricing, fair and well researched comparisons and great service!! Definitely recommended.

Steve A.

Murray was a great support through my auto appraisal and ensured I wasn't take advantage of. He was knowledgeable and thorough and treated me like a member of the family! I really appreciated his help! Highly recommend!

Krys H.

The person that helped me was very friendly and knowledgeable. He negotiated my claim with the insurance company and I received more money than what they were offering.

Ana O.